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Call for Proposals – On going

Husky Agency is always seeking proposals for  public relations campaigns from St. Cloud State University campus organizations and offices, along  and St. Cloud community organizations, including individuals, needing help promoting an event, launch a career and  develop a public relations plan.

Husky Agency is a student service-learning experience for aspiring public relations professionals at St. Cloud State University.  
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The pro bono student agency works with St. Cloud State University campus organizations, along with community clients and partners, to gain public relations experience, create professional portfolios and develop skills and confidence.

What we can do – If you have an event to promote and need help creating a public relations campaign plan, news release, social media, promotional video, brochures, posters, WordPress website and more, Husky Agency would like to have an opportunity to help.

If your organization is trying to  launch, create a public relations campaign, build a presence online and learn to interact with news agencies and social media,  Husky Agency would like to learn more.

Individuals – If  you are an artist, about to publish your first book, or start a freelance career,  you are also welcome to apply.  We will consider SCSU students anticipating to graduate in Spring 2017 and need an online portfolio,  WordPress website and professional branding.

Things to consider for your proposal application

  • If your proposal is accepted, you will be working with public relations students learning  as they work on your project.  This is a service-learning experience, likely the first experience  for most students working on a public relations campaign.
  • Students will be working diligently on a project to benefit your organization.  You must be willing to give constructive feedback in a timely manner during the course of the project.
  • You will be helping  students prepare vital portfolio pieces for internship and job applications at the same time Husky Agency is helping your organization develop a public relations campaign.

Apply now!
Deadline and Submission
–  Send a description of your public relations campaign, along with contact details, website, email and phone numbers.

If you have questions, please use the Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Husky Agency

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