SCSU Liberal Arts Campaign, 2016-2017

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The agency is partnering with the College of Liberal Arts at St. Cloud State University for the inaugural public relations campaign.  Students will be building a professional public relations campaign around the value of the liberal arts experience.

Campaign Collateral


The College of Liberal Arts at St. Cloud State University
This is not the final edit of video.  An update will be added in early May 2017.

Liberal Arts Campaign Plan
Husky Agency Campaign Plan Spring 2017  – PDF

Spring 2017
Updated by Julie Schmitt
Campaign Manager

Fall 2016
Originally Presented by Ali Grillo, Campaign Manager
Writer and Editor, Shelby Auer, teaching assistant

Explore a Liberal Arts Education at St. Cloud State University
Published Nov. 28, 2016

Media Kit

Fact Sheet, Husky Agency

News Release


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In the news – News about Husky Agency

Liberal Arts Campaign Presentation, PDF
Liberal Arts Campaign Presentation
, PowerPoint

Enrollment Statistics – St. Cloud State University and College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts Enrollment Fall 2016 30th Day Enrollment Profile, SCSU

International Student Enrollment, SCSU
10th Day of Enrollment Profile, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016, SCSU
Students of Color Enrollment 2007 to 2015, SCSU, 
Provided by Strategy, Planning & EffectivenessSCSU

Husky Agency Presentation, PDF
Husky Agency Presentation, PowerPoint

Reflections on Inaugural Husky Agency Campaign  

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