Husky Agency reflections, fall 2016

Reflections Fall 2016

The inaugural Husky Agency staff reflected on Fall Semester 2016, sharing what they learned, helping launch the student service-learning experience agency for aspiring public relations professionals at St. Cloud State University.

Fall 2016 – The agency partnered with the College of Liberal Arts at St. Cloud State University for the inaugural public relations campaign.  Students worked on building a professional public relations campaign around the value of the liberal arts experience.

View all Fall 2016  student portfolio and campaign work

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  • Husky Agency taught the importance of working as a team
  • Updated resume with Husky Agency position, along with new skills, see all Fall 2016 student portfolios
  • Creating a real campaign help move public relations skills from theory to practice
  • Expanded  skills designing brochures, expanding portfolios, see Fall 2016 publications
  • Students created WordPress portfolios site  searching for employment
  • Updating Adobe Creative Cloud skills with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign
  • Created a promotional video for Husky Agency, with iPad video kits, including, microphones, tripods, lighting and downloading to iMacs, view Husky Agency Fall 2016 promo video
  • Learned to develop a media plan
  • Learned how to post on social media platforms about Husky Agency, proper way to promote organization, along with social media calendar
  • Received positive feedback to realize strengths and improve weaknesses
  • Created a Fact Sheet For Husky Agency
  • Learned you can’t do public relations campaigns on your own
  • If you don’t work as a team, things become overwhelming and fall apart quickly.

Student Quotes

“Being a part of the establishment of Husky Agency taught me a lot about creating a brand and raising awareness not only of the campaign but for the agency as well. I am excited to hear how carrying out the promotional campaign goes in the spring semester.”
Ali Grillo, Campaign Manager, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“The biggest lesson that Husky Agency taught me was the importance of being able to work as a team. Each student has a specific role they contribute to the agency and we pull together to make this campaign work. Each person has to hit their deadlines because it’s not just their work that’s on the line, it’s the whole groups. Future employers will look for potential candidates that work well in groups, and this a great way to show future employers you have the experience.”
Jessica Hohnwaldt, Event Coordinator, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“I feel comfortable about posting on social media for an organization. Husky Agency is a good way to start learning the proper way and skills used when promoting an organization”
Rachel Nyberg, Social Media Specialist, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“During my experience in this class, I developed a new and strong understanding on the structure that social media needs to be successful. Some of those skills include, creating exciting news stories, creating a well-structured social media plan and promoting content that represents our student ran Husky Agency. I learned a valuable tool in using specialized calendars that help maintain record of key information when posting on all social media platforms.”
Jesus Escarsega, Social Media Specialist, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“Throughout our liberal arts experience public relations campaign, I learned a lot about the liberal arts program at St. Cloud State University. I never realized just how important a liberal arts degree is to employers. It shows that you have an endless amount of transferable skills, that can work great in so many different departments. It shows you have people skills, intellectual skills, and team skills. This is so important for employers because they want someone who can do the work, do the work with others, and be able to speak about what they are doing. Personally I am so happy that I am involved with the college of liberal arts to have the opportunity to gain these skills.”
Rhiannon Steiger, Event Coordinator, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“My skillset in InDesign has exceeded even more than just having a class that taught about the program. I got to actually apply what I learned in class to help with a public relations campaign. So, in the end I think that this was a great experience. You learn the positive and negatives about creating a public relations campaign and that at times things don’t go exactly how you want. But, that’s when you learn to brain storm and find new alternatives, which is very important to understand. I can’t wait to take what I learned from this class into the real world.”
Rhiannon Steiger, Event Coordinator, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“This project has given me additional resources to grow my portfolio and has also given me the tools to showcase my portfolio with a WordPress website. I also have learned from the speakers in class how to network and have a better understanding of how SCSU has helped me be more prepared for my future job.”
Tyler Traeger, Media Relations Specialist

“Undeniable, it is hard to communicate and utilize the SCSU campus media, but definitely is something campus media and Husky Agency need to learn from. Real-world practice is not just limited to textbook definitions, but students truly must have the reality between the agency and campus media.”
Jonathan Wong, Social Media Specialist, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

“The journey of class COMM 438 is nothing but fruitful. The learning experience is beyond what the regular classroom can give you. Nothing but all hands-on experience for you to advance in the pathway of becoming a public relations practitioner.”
Jonathan Wong, Social Media Specialist, Husky Agency, Fall 2016

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